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Spokane Falls


This design was the second runner up in the Spokane, WA city flag design contest.

14" wide by 11" high print or mounted wall art.

Here was the submission description for the contest that describes the flag:

Salish for “Children of the sun” or “sun people”, the word Spokane (Spokan) is at the core of our city’s being. Literally at the center, or core, of this flag design is a rising sun, signifying the optimism of new beginnings as the people of Spokane continue to reinvent our city.

Flowing in front of the sun are two cascading ribbons showcasing Spokane’s majestic waterfalls. This natural feature that flows through the heart of our city is rare and unique – pulsing its energy and life (quite literally) through all of us.
The striking, modern and minimal color palette of my design brings to life those features as well as these other important elements of our region:

Acting as a backdrop, the deep forest blue-green represents our magnificent local parks and the vast, uncrowded spaces that envelop our city.

The two colors included in the abstract depiction of the falls have two distinct meanings: one represents the lakes that dot our landscape, the other the Spokane river and its tributaries that wind in and out of our communities, weaving us all together.

The design’s centerpiece – the burning, red-orange color is a nod to Spokane’s signature native fish, the iconic Redband trout.